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#SonomaStrong Donation Site


Posted on October 13, 2017

We passed our first goal! Time to up the ante! Let's keep it going. Here's what we accomplished in the first few days:

Monday: Served 300+ hot meals and provided supplies to initial evacuees at the Vet's Hall and SVHS from the Red Grape

Tuesday: Served 1000+ hot meals to evacuees and first responders out on the front lines from the Red Grape. Ingredient donations came pouring in from Whole Foods, Sonoma Market, and others.

Wednesday: As resources came in, we shifted our focus to organizing efforts to serve first responders with grab and go and family style meals provided by restaurants and chefs around Sonoma. We took in donated supplies from restaurants forced to shut down (Glen Ellen Star, Aventine, SMI, Ramekins)  and put them to good use. The names are almost endless: Rob from Cochon Volant, TriTip Trolley, EDK, Sunflower Cafe, Cafe LeHaye, Operational BBQ, Nature Zone Farms, Anja Lee Catering, and more).

Thursday: Command Central. Utilizing the extensive network and organizational capabilities of amazing chefs like Kyle Kuklewski and Victoria Campbell of Ramekins, Sondra Bernstein and John Toulze of Girl and the Fig and Rotarians of Sonoma Valley led by Tony Moll and Ron Lawson - we got calls from additional chefs who are helping in the days ahead: Sheana Davis from Epicurean, Ed at Shiso, James at Breakaway Cafe, Matt at Shellville Grille, Carlo at Burgers and Vine, Aaron at Sonoma Golf Club, Nima at Sonoma Grille, Karen at El Molino, Nick at Harvest Moon, and more we fail to mention. 

There will be many more needs in the weeks and months ahead, so let's keep the donations coming! Non-monetary donations to 1777 W. Watmaugh Road in Sonoma where we have 20K sf of storage. 

Please share the donation link below.

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Applause for Applause!

Posted by Richard Lee

Our club concluded the fourth consecutive successful Applause fundraiser - Applause 2015 and oh what a night! Thanks to everyone - Rotarians and guests alike - who made this possible. By raising over $100,000 we will be able to continue our efforts to support many worthwhile causes in Sonoma Valley and beyond.

APPLAUSE 2016: "MOONLIGHT MASQUERADE" will take place on October 15, 2016. Click on the link at the top of the page for reservations and information.

Image Image  ImageImageImage

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Posted by Susan Hoeffel on Jan 29, 2015
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This District-wide session is always educational, motivational and worthwhile.  It takes place at Mendocino Community College in Ukiah from 8 am -3 pm.  A group of us (usually 2 carsful) drive up for the day.  It is a FUN experience where each person can "squeeze in" 4 separate learning sessions.  The club will pay the $50 registration fee.  Sign up online and let the Club Secretary, Morrill Dunn, know you have registered.


Bell Ringing Rotarians

Posted by Richard Lee on Dec 06, 2014

They're at it again. Those bell ringing Rotarians taking turns ringing the bell for F.I.S.H. at Safeway in Sonoma this holiday season.



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Hello Heaven!

Posted by Richard Lee on Oct 22, 2014

With a mixture of sadness and joy we said farewell to our friend and fellow Rotarian Ginnie Nichols at the celebration of her life on Wednesday evening at Ramekins. As many as 200 friends and family packed the room as we shared favorite memories of Ginnie who touched so many with her innate joy and enthusiasm for life. We are grateful to have known her and and for the opportunity to bask in the glow of her smile.


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Thank You for Making Applause Sonoma! a HUGE Success!

Posted by Richard Lee on Sep 02, 2014

Applause Sonoma! 2014 was a big success thanks to many Rotarians and Friends who donated and attended the event.

Click on the graphic below to see photos from the event, courtesy of Rotarian, Will Murray.


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The "Howie" is christened!

Posted by Richard Lee on May 25, 2014
Club President Sam Morphy properly christens the "Howie", making it's inaugural appearance at this year's Sonoma Day Observance on Memorial Day at Veterans Hall. Volunteers from our club cooked a grand barbecue for the annual "All-American Picnic" with the assistance of Ruth Parks Chambers (daughter of Jim Parks) and the Native Daughters of the Golden West.



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Rotary in Sonoma Magazine available now at many locations!

Posted by Richard Lee on Apr 10, 2014

Our club has a new way to show the community who we are and what we do. This just-released publication will soon be available at many locations throughout Sonoma Valley. Be sure to pick up a copy soon!



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SV Rotary gets private tour of new hospital wing

Posted by Richard Lee on Nov 19, 2013

As a thank you for a $50,000 donation for the new wing at Sonoma Valley Hospital our club was recently granted a private tour of the ER on the 1st floor and the new surgery suite on the second floor. About 20 Rotarians and spouses made the rounds, escorted by the hospital construction coordinator and the contractor.


Club President Sam Morphy (right, in blue shirt) along with several others, admires the large surgery light in the "Rotary OR".


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Sonoma Valley Rotary presents check to Sonoma Valley Hospital

Posted by Richard Lee on Oct 01, 2013

President Sam Morphy presented a check for $25,000 to Harmony Plenty, Executive Director of the SVH Foundation, as the first installment of a $50,000 commitment the club recently made to help fund the new ER wing at the hospital.


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Rotary team cleans up 8th Street

Posted by Richard Lee

This hearty looking 14 member Rotary/Interact crew hit the street last Saturday morning - 8th Street East to be exact - and collected 1,080 pounds of trash from the roadside. Another one of many hands-on community service projects performed by our club each year.



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Posted by Susan Hoeffel

Sonoma Valley Rotary Announces What May Be Its  LAST 'LUCK O' THE IRISH' Raffle.

It's time to "get your Irish on!".... our SV Rotary Club is holding what may be the LAST Luck O' the Irish Raffle, where the grand prize is a Trip for Two to Ireland OR $10,000 CASH.  A $50 per ticket donation to the SV Rotary Foundation gets you skin in the game.  Contact a local Rotarian or you can buy tickets at The Red Grape or Rabbobank!  Winners will be announced on March 14th at the now-famous Rotary St. Paddy's Day Party.  More on that later!       Image

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Purple Pinkie Days!

Posted by Richard Lee

A scene from our first Purple Pinkie Day of this Rotary year at Flowery School. Altimira Principal Will Deets oversees his crew of enthusiastic student volunteers helping to raise money and awareness of the campaign to eradicate Polio around the world. When students donate they get to dye their pinkies purple just as children getting immunized against Polio do in other parts of the world. This is a project near and dear to every Rotarian as it has been Rotary's goal for almost 30 years. We are SO close to seeing the end of Polio but we must continue the fight until it is finished or Polio will come back with a vengence.


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Defying Gravity

Posted by Richard Lee
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A musical tongue-in-cheek adventure from adolescence to maturity!

Tuesday & Wednesday, August 7 & 8, 8:00 pm at the Sonoma Community Center, 276 E. Napa St.

For tickets - Sonoma Vallley Box Office

707-938-4626 x1 - All seats $16

Proceeds benefit the Rotary Challenge Grant for renovations in Andrews Hall

A Summer Nights event in association with Sonoma Theatre Alliance
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Getting Started

Posted by William M. Shea
GETTING STARTEDPerhaps nothing is more nerve-racking than waiting.  The examples are legion:  Waiting in line (at the grocery store, at the Post office, at the DMV) behind someone who is "difficult;" waiting for the grade after the final exam; waiting for the doctor's report; waiting for your cue to enter stage right.  Any of you who have served as a Rotary President know the uncertainty that awaits when you convene your first meeting.  The year-long wait end and you make a leap that you hope will lead to where you want to go.  It's a throw of the dice.  Although it's not a game,but like so many games it begins with a dice throw.  So let's roll.

PAINTING A PICTUREPresident VICKI WHITING started by telling us we are the face of Rotary.  Like all good artists she subtly used an array of colors and perspectives to help us see ourselves.  She showed us that we are joyful, that we have been, and we shall be, busy, that we are more than a "club,' and that she has a plan to make us even better than we already are. Let's analyze this work of art.

SMILE, SMILE, SMILENo work of art springs from nothing. Tradition always plays a role. The best art finds its basis in the past where the artist stands on the shoulders of giants.  So President VICKI employed the long dormant concept of "happy dollars."  You responded gleefully to the opportunity to tell us about the recent positive events in our life.  Remarkably, there is happy news to report that is devoid of the cloying smirkiness so apparent in the world of usual broadcasting.  You have experienced weddings, births, fruitful sales of business, theatrical pursuits, prize winning athletic feats, and the general fol-DE-rol that makes life fun.  It enhanced the coffers of the club treasury, too.  To top it off we re-inaugurated GINNIE NICHOLS as a member.  That alone is enough to bring a smile to any dour face.  Hence the face of the Sonoma Valley Rotary is decidedly cheerful.

AH! TRADITION!  Coming off the madcap debunking of the most amazing year of past president VALERIE PISTOLE (RICK WYNNE just knows how to do it), we have continued our Fourth of July celebration by feeding a whole bunch of celebrants with the good old American hot dog.  In reporting the success of the event, FRED MERRILL was more effusive than his almost always taciturn self in thanking those who participated.  RIA CASALES (whose outstanding direction contributed greatly to the day) quickly and rightly pointed out that the normally phlegmatic FRED was there from sun-up to the close of business, including the clean-up.  This early affirmation of our tradition is an omen of the beneficial effects of how we rely on each other.  Are you getting the picture?  Do you see your face?     

IN THE BACKGROUND.  With the forceful energy of RICH LEE (who also relies on the tradition of our indispensable HOWIE EHRET) this club has made great strides in its contributions to the Rotary Foundation, i.e. the arm of Rotary which strives to promote peace, friendship, health, and education on an international level.  Last week we were reminded that the Sonoma Valley Rotary Club has its Foundation set up some years ago by another bygone ion of our club, TOM BARNES.  For the last few years DAVE MEEKS and GARY SCOTT have sat on the Board of the Foundation of the Sonoma Valley rotary Club with the immediate past president, current President, and the president-elect.  By virtue of being a memeber of this club, you are alos a member of this Foundation.  DAVE and GARY are stepping down.  As a result of our election last week, RON LAWSON (a most deserving Rotarian of the Year under VALERIE's regime) and GAIL MILLER will take their places.  Sometimes a picture will bring into focus the background that gives the picture a deeper meaning.  Of course, the purpose of this background is to remind you that donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible.  So most of our fundraising money will be filtered through the Foundation.  Not only is this a more complete picture of who you are, it will enable us to be more appealing to those who want to support our own efforts to promote peace, friendship, health, and education on a local level.

THE MOTION PICTURE.  Lest you think this picture is full of inert, frozen faces, President VICKI quickly panned around the room last week to invite those who head the four Avenues of Service to move us  -- into action.  Most importantly, because it is most immediate, is our fundraiser, known this year as "Applause Sonoma."  in case you've been on vacation or ensconced in a vacuum, we will host this attractive event on Saturday, August 25.  BILL O'NEILL is doing his usual imaginative job at promoting the event.   GEORGE MERRICK wants your silent and live auction items which are coming in at the usual glacial pace.  This needs to emerge as a group portrait that has every face that makes up our face; the face that the public sees as instrumental to making the Sonoma Valley picturesque and an even more worthwhile place to live.  If we're going to be a great work of art, we best give heed to President VICKI, the prominent painter of this picture.

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